Living means NEGOTIATING

In a hurry. Cautiously. Intuitively. Faced with overabundance of the information or just a void. At work. Home. With others. Mainly with yourself.
You are negotiating all the time.



Managing relationships is one of lifes biggest  challenges, whether with your clients, peers, your manager or your team, your family friends and neighbours. Forming building and sustaining them.

My name is Monika Hołdak

I support my clients as an  Executive Coach, Team Leader, Project & Account Manager and Digital Marketing Professional. I give business consulting support and help you maintain your successful relationships.


Nothing  is obvious in relationships. Everyone is multidimensional and our decisions are always based on the result of our unique past, the context and intensity of our emotions. Years of experience as a soft skills trainer and mediator showed me that many methods & techniques can be disappointing if they are not delivered with sufficient  empathy and a real  understanding of all the particular phases of the process.


I apply the  Interactive Process Management Requirements’ Workshop methodology, from the “Big Idea’ & Business Model”. This incorporates understanding,  long term planning, monitoring and finally to the celebrating of success. The timeline, budget  and scope are tailored to your specific needs.


Agile Management
Executive Coaching
Non violent Communication
Strategy Management
Web Project Design


If you want to find my professional resume and recommendations, please follow my profile
at LinkedIn and Goldenline. My unique skills are listed below. The effects of my work were shown in the Portfolio.

Plan Success

Tell me what do you want to do, I’ll recommend  you the best way to do it.


Blood, sweat and tears.  Risk Management helps address the project’s weaknesses.

Effective Framework

Systematic Reviews of the emerging product by the Deming cyrcle.



It is worth to know how to manage parallel sets of information in a smart way.


Technological Background

combined with psychological experience and creativity.

Strategic Thinking

brings long-term synergy.

Problem Solving

using coaching skills.

Comprehensive Knowledge

of Digital Marketing regarding art&content desing and performance marketing.

Attracting the Best Professionals

for successful teamwork based on shared values.

Full Responsibility

for overall effect according to the Key Performance Indicators agreed with you.

What can I do for you?

As a Business Consultant, Account Manager, Project Manager Team Lead I can provide your client with a well prepared project portfolio.
I can build and reinformce the team/department based on shared values of the company.

FM Bank

First full Responsive Web Designed financial platform in polish banking sector. I was responsible for the digital part of a launch campaign strategy of “the First Bank in the the Micro Enterprises’ world” (the website deployment, media plans, banners, landing pages, newsletters, adwords campaign, social strategy of communication). The ROI was 6 times higher than expected.


CE Beyond

Internal communication platform inspired by MS Metro Design. Different types of modules as the puzzles allow the editors to construct subpages via CMS like: tiles, announcements streaming, slideshows, sliders, photo   galleries, pop ups, articles etc.  The original multilayered navigation was replaced by more intuitive and simpler one.

close is an educational platform, which provides valuable health information and tools for managing your health. By the ‘Symptom checker ‘ you could see what your medical symptoms might mean, and learn about possible conditions. There is also a special tool ‘Drug Comparator’ where you could find the best reviews  and prices of drugs, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements. Medme offers credible and in-depth medical news, features, reference material, and online community supported by health experts.


Strefa VOD

Launch campaign strategy and execution: “They fight for your attention” (press, radio, TV ad,  banners, newsletters, social media) for the (eng. VOD Zone) – polish provider of video on-demand (Internet streaming).


Digital Campaigns

The examples of the display type campaigns commissioned by the Publishing House Presspublica e.g. President Debate Campaign, Kaspersky anti virus Campaigns, Gillete, Multikino, autopromotion etc.



As a Marketing & PR Director I was responsible for Digitals Marketing Campaigns and PR for consortium of three Higher Economic Schools: Higher Business School – National Luis University (Nowy Sącz), Warsaw Higher Economic School and Collegium Varsoviense.


Social Media Projects

I was a Social Media Expert of the Presspublica Publishing House and member of Mecom Innovation Team regarding social media.
Responsible for the social strategy building  and execution for all Presspublica titles: Daily Newspaper “Rzeczpospolita”, Stock Exchange Newspaper “Parkiet” and weekly “Uważam Rze”: day-to-day communication, moderation and competitions.



Here are examples of some of the projects I was responsible for.  Client confidentiality means that not all project are described  in details.


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